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dead meadow - good moanin'
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Right now, a massively important decision I have to make can be boiled into one simple cliche question. "The heart, or the brain?"

I'm quite literally split right down the middle. This decision is a horrible dilemma for my quest to obtain balance.


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Charlotte Gainsbourg - 5:55
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What an amazing, albeit wet and weather impaired night...Could'nt really move properly afterwards [on account that I had been rained on for 5 hours] but was completely worth it. Best show I've seen.
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last semister's photo final

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some of my first color prints
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And even some digital! Oh, how well rounded am I.

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There is a mountain of snow
Up past the big glen
We have a castle enclosed
There is a fountain
Out of the fountain flows gold
Into a huge hand
That hand's a held by a bear
Who had a sick band

Of goats and cats and pigs and bats
With brooms and bats and wings and rats
And play big dogs like queens and kings
And everyone plays drums and sings

'Bout big sharks
Sharp swords
Beast bees
Bead lords
Sweet cakes
Mace lakes


I hope in my heart that we on a whole
will die and the earth be left alone
just beast and bee and fish and tree
this hope I wish will someday be
that bacteria will have ate our remains
that all knowledge of us has decayed
our burden raised the world set free
the earth returns to land and sea
our buildings burned and highways gone
I love my friends and everyone
but we've had our chance let's move aside
let time wash us out with the tide
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Cheers! See everyone at the Dan Deacon show on Wednesday~
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Bjork - The Pleasure Is All Mine
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