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I love how the only things I deem important for this journal are concert related

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the SY setlist:

Sacred Trickster
No Way
Calming The Snake
Poison Arrow
Catholic Block
Leaky Lifeboat
Walkin Blue
Malibu Gas Station
World Looks Red
Massage History
Silver Rocket
What We Know
Making The Nature Scene
Cross The Breeze

I saw Lee Ranaldo just casually walking down the street before hand, it was funny. I bet thurston and kim could'nt get away with that. I think Lee is just about as talented as thurston though, he does not get enough love. I was happy that a bunch of people in the crowd yelled "we love you lee!"

Two songs from confusion is sex! I was suprised. The World Looks Red was the hottest shit ever. Obviously silver rocket and catholic block as well. I Was suprised at how much better the new songs sounded live as opposed to on the album. I appreciate them so much more now. [not that they were bad on the album by any means] The setlist was still really new song heavy. I was expecting more stuff from rather ripped and sonic nurse, but I can't complain. Catholic Block was so exciting that I think I forgot to breathe for a few seconds. I will see them again, I am determined. Kim Gordon was looking so fine in a shiny silver dress and a fuzzy pink guitar strap.
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