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Double Dagger
Holy Fuck
Sonic Youth
Whartscape [a billion trillion bands, most importantly Ponytail, Double Dagger, Dan Deacon, Teeth Mountain]
Artscape [though it'll probably be ghey]
Bat For Lashes
The Flaming Lips & Explosions in The Sky
The Free VIrgin Festival [Girl Talk & Holy Fuck Again!]
& probably a few silly $5 local shows...

Also going to Ocean Shitty and PA and NY for vacations...the summer rocks.

...although I am broke as shit. At least I am working 2 jobs now...that helps alot.

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the SY setlist:

Sacred Trickster
No Way
Calming The Snake
Poison Arrow
Catholic Block
Leaky Lifeboat
Walkin Blue
Malibu Gas Station
World Looks Red
Massage History
Silver Rocket
What We Know
Making The Nature Scene
Cross The Breeze

I saw Lee Ranaldo just casually walking down the street before hand, it was funny. I bet thurston and kim could'nt get away with that. I think Lee is just about as talented as thurston though, he does not get enough love. I was happy that a bunch of people in the crowd yelled "we love you lee!"

Two songs from confusion is sex! I was suprised. The World Looks Red was the hottest shit ever. Obviously silver rocket and catholic block as well. I Was suprised at how much better the new songs sounded live as opposed to on the album. I appreciate them so much more now. [not that they were bad on the album by any means] The setlist was still really new song heavy. I was expecting more stuff from rather ripped and sonic nurse, but I can't complain. Catholic Block was so exciting that I think I forgot to breathe for a few seconds. I will see them again, I am determined. Kim Gordon was looking so fine in a shiny silver dress and a fuzzy pink guitar strap.
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I am seeing motherfucking sonic youth

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Somehow; I am going to have a tiny tiny piece in this exhibition. Crazy, right? I am in a class whose main purpose is to curate an exhibition about inclusionary and exclusionary aspects of the city, with the aim to create urban open-ness.

Rotterdam! Yeah!

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This is a blog that I am keeping for a project for my contemporary directions in photography class. I need to be better about updating it.

What else is new...I saw the aftermath of a shooting across the highway from my house the other day. Comforting.

Oh and I discovered T.I.'s road to redemption show today. That is some entertaining shit when he comes in on the kids and just stands there like "I am god". It is amusing.

There is a human foosball re-enactment on Friday at the Transmodern festival. I am excited.
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the world is coming to an end, it's official.

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I'm not so sure why I am doing this in type as opposed to in my notebook, but for the past three nights I have had strange and colorful dreams and I want to share.

Night 1: My mom is Courtney Love and my Dad is a vampire. Not that this is my original dad, it's some new dad I conjured. He just hangs out in the basement all of the time and drinks goblets full of blood. The two want to go out to dinner, so I am stuck with watching over my brothers [whom are also both fictional]. I still live in my Ashbourne Rd house, the house I lived in during middle school/high school. One of my brothers has some infectious disease and begins to run around the neighboorhood attempting to infect others, thus it is my duty to prevent him from doing so. I lose track of him and have an emotional breakdown. I am bawling, my old neighbor sees me and tells me to stop whining about everything, I shout out "I THINK I HAVE A REASON TO WHINE, MY MOTHER IS COURTNEY LOVE AND MY DAD IS A VAMPIRE!" to her face. I basically slowly walk around the neighborhood and cry alot.

Night 2: I am unsure why, but I am on some strange boat made of cardboard that is huge and multi-leveled out in the ocean. It has a yellow water slide that leads out into the ocean. The boat is docked, but the ocean is really short and fake looking. Perhaps it was the set to a film. The sky looks painted but is really pretty nonetheless. Lots of scene-ish looking kids were on the boat. For some weird reason I was collecting brown objects. I am telling a girl with big blonde scene hair this. She gives me some really expensive looking brown eyeshadow. I immediately pocket it. I am not sure how this transition happened, but I am with these kids playing dodgeball in a powder blue gym. I am super adreneline pumped and into the game. All of a sudden I realize I put my bag down somewhere, which has alot of valueable things in it, namely my digital slr and my macro lens. I begin to panic when I do not see it on the sidelines. My roomate Rachel suddently appears, tells me that she put it in the bathroom. I run to the bathroom at the speed of light, through the hallways which are insanely neon colored. I feel like the colors are rushing off the walls towards me, they are so intense. I finally get to a bathroom which is full of kids having weird orgies in all of the stalls. Rachel pops out of one, her old dreadlocks intact and 4x thicker than they were. She was also clad in a transparent blue shirt without a bra which was pretty funny. To my horror I find an ugly hot topic looking kid [he went to my high school, I have no idea what his name is, but I recall him trying to be my friend because I take photos or something dumb like that] looking through my bookbag frantically. I immediately begin to beat the shit out of him, I pound his head into the sink, Kill Bill style. He begins to get really pissed off but is in alot of pain so he dosent move for a few seconds. I take this time to examine the contents of my bag and much to my relief everything is intact. All the while a strange boy wearing tights with spiderwebs printed on them is checking me out, I realize that I am wearing a bizarre and horrible outfit that consisted of brown boots, orange tights, oversized men's silver gym shorts and a shiny red my chemical romance hoodie. I run away rapidly as this gross kid shouts things like he's going to beat the shit out of me or that he might rape me, I escape I guess, and pass out in some grass outside.

Dream 3: By far the weirdest dream, I find myself in a fictious school in a class with Trundle. For some weird reason I cut the second half of his class and was trying to avoid him. Then I realize I have to piss heavily. I don't know my way around, some kids direct me to a bathroom. it's the weirdest bathroom I have ever seen, everyone sits on fine leather recliners to piss and most of the people are pissing right through their clothes because it is all open, there are no stalls. All of the recliners are taken up and I am ready to explode so some girl directs me to walk forward to this mountainous area with lots of black tarps and tells me to "piss in the river" It is indeed a river of piss, it smells so foul, but I cannot hold it any longer so I begin to pee through my clothes which somehow projects forward as if I am a man. Two naked woman jump into the piss river and begin to make out in it. I am so confused/grossed out at this point but I am finished so I turn to run out of there but as soon as I do the river turns into a tsunami and drowns us all. I guess I must have died because the dream ended there. Isen't that absolutely foul? Who dreams that they are drowning in a river of piss? I have been looking at too much of Andres Serrano's work or something. Yuck.
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...as eliciting something like this. Particularly for something as visually enchanting as this.

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